pendants & jewelry dishes
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plated chain necklace
Hand carved ceramic pendants paired with metallic charm hang from an elegant 14k gold-plated, nickel-free necklace chain. Available in assorted lengths from 8" to 15" and comes in a sleek gift box.
friendship pendant set
Remind someone special just how much they complete you with this hand carved set of ceramic friendship pendants, each secured by warm leather twine with sliding wooden bead accents.
fossil pendants
Hand carved ceramic shark tooth fossils and metallic accents hang from warm leather twine with wooden and metal bead accents.
dragon scales
Inspired by the mythological beasts whose existence has been hinted at through folklore across every culture, these textured ceramic scales hang from soft leather twine embellished with carved wooden bead accents.
tassle pendants
Handmade ceramic pendants garnished with leather tassel and twine, secured by a single sliding wooden bead. Assorted colors.
elemental pendant
Hand carved and stamped ceramic token with metallic cog charm, hang from soft leather twine secured by a single sliding wooden bead.
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jewelry dish
Whether you're into dolling up or rugged simplicity, these tiny jewelry dishes will add an aesthetic touch to any jewelry box or nightstand. Rings, earrings and delicate chains,  or even use as a tray for incense cones.  No matter how you use them, they're sure to brighten up any space.
Each work is handmade with love and therefore exists as an individually unique item. While some pieces may resemble others, no two will ever be exactly alike. If an item is unavailable to add to your cart, it may either be currently in someone else's cart or already sold. Sold items will be marked with a red sold tag and remain visible here until they have been shipped out to their new home. Then they will be moved to the Archive.
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