Mission & Values
Rajasaurusrex is a brand that seeks to unlock the sense of possibility present in all of us. We do this by creating a sense of community around the concept of unparalleled potential. Here's what I believe: If you can dream it... you can build it. Trust me, I didn't think I could accomplish half this much before I started. But growing is all about realizing that you've had it in you all along. You only need to believe it.

What started as a way to simply brand my art and branch out, became a way for me to relate to the world around me and share what I've learned in a way that empowers everyone to challenge who we were yesterday. Pushing our own limits allows us the space we need to grow and let others in. When we become better versions of ourselves, we are better equipped to challenge our fears and conquer them.
about the artist
Hi I'm Sarita, a local artist living and working in my hometown in South Florida. I graduated from Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts in 2007 and completed my BFA in Illustration at Ringling College of Art + Design, with a minor in visual development. Florida landscapes and wildlife have always been a source of creative inspiration fueling my work, with the ocean being central to my creativity. Drawing, painting, leather and woodworking existed as my favorite mediums until I discovered digital illustration and graphic design. After a few local freelance projects and several jobs, I felt trapped by the limits of my assigned tasks. But I knew that I had amazing content literally sitting around on hard drives just waiting to be used for something. So I started building this brand, Rajasaurusrex.
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