Lake & Lucerne Ave. | Downtown Lake Worth, FL
Street Painting Festival | 2019
February 23, 2019
Downtown Lake Worth's biggest event of the year, the Annual Street Painting Festival organized by the Lake Worth CRA, attracts thousands of people from all backgrounds to come together for a fun-filled day of local art, music, food and vendors.
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With the momentum built up from the past year, the Street Painting Festival brought with it even more lessons and opportunity. For one, I was offered booth space in the parking lot of the Flamingo Clay Gallery on J street. Hot on the heels of the previous event, I was already feeling the exhaustion an hour into setup. But once again I was blessed with the help of my friends, who each surprised me with visits perfectly spaced throughout the two-day event.
It was during these two days that I would learn the most in terms of a balance between approaching customers and letting them browse. I was learning to read body language in an entirely different way. Being a natural introvert, I was inclined to let people approach at their leisure. But once I noticed a pattern develop between engaging people first and them making a purchase, a lightbulb went off that there was a certain charm to making a genuine connection with people. They wanted to hear my story! And as a result, they wanted to take something I made home with them. It becomes a thousand times more than a sale at that point. It was then that I discovered why I want to do this.
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