Lake & Lucerne Ave. | Downtown Lake Worth, FL
Street Painting Festival | 2020
February 22, 2020
This event was kind of a blur. I don't remember much other than being on autopilot the entire time after my life had just been turned upside down and my emotional state was deteriorating rather quickly. The weather was also not cooperating and the state of things in the world were getting more uncertain day by day. I could feel myself beginning to spiral..
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The thing I remember most about this windy, drizzly day, was a minor fear that had occurred to me during setup, that the wind might blow one of my display tees into a puddle. My friend, noticing the closest puddle was so small and in a rather awkward spot, assured me the odds of such a thing happening were quite low. So I was trying to keep it together long enough to pull through the first day of the weekend when a very strong wind gust came through and, while my friend and I rushed to securely hold the tent down with every fiber of our being, one of my t-shirts blew into the puddle.
I haven't done a show since. Not because of the puddle thing, but even private events that were still being held in spite of lockdown and social distancing restrictions just weren't where I felt my head needed to be. Things were getting worse, both out in the world as well as in my life, and all the signs were leading up to embarking on a shift to something greater. Something I had to build a special relationship with over time: the web. And so now, a year and two months later, my online store is born.
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