Palm Beach Convention Center | West Palm Beach, FL
Race to Equity Summit | 2019
February 20, 2019
A summit held at the Palm Beach Convention Center in downtown West Palm Beach geared towards expanding community outreach programs and education about racial equality.
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Setting up in the hallway of a convention center was a little strange but kind of had a cool vibe to it. I met so many amazing individuals at this event, as they passed between breakout sessions and workshops. Everyone from mentors and educators to policy-makers and politicians attended this event with a unified goal of bettering our community. I got to speak with organizers of outreach programs for disadvantaged youth, meet some influential members of the community, and even made a few sales. The event was more about networking than selling though, and I am grateful for every new contact added to my phone that weekend.
This event was unusual for the fact that what it lacked in the typical flow of big festival crowds, weather and energy, it more than made up for in substance. The people I met were of the highest caliber an event like this could offer, and I'm hoping my presence was solid enough to have made a lasting impression in the minds of some of our community's highly respected individuals.
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