E. Ocean Ave | Downtown Boynton Beach, FL
Pirate Festival & Mermaid Splash - Halloween Haunt | 2021
October 30, 2021
The 10th Annual Pirate Festival of Boynton Beach is back and we're ready to pillage and plunder... some food and entertainment :) Bring the family and come join the festivities with us Halloween weekend from 11am to 8pm both Saturday and Sunday.
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What an incredible event this turned out to be! A solid month of preparation lead to selling out of three separate decks during this 48 hour sprint. Every single complete display deck is gone, including basically anything with a koi fish on it. Looks like this design will keep its title as most popular.
I definitely expected the pottery to get more attention than it did. Some customers suggested to move it out front more, but windy outdoor events make this a very high risk move. Overall I would have to say this was my most successful event to date. And who would have thought that complete skateboards would be more enticing than single decks? Guess I need to setup a few more!
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