Palm Beach Pride Market | 2021
June 5, 2021
As my first event in over a year, I couldn't have asked for a better day. A few hours of sunshine, rainbows, good music and food was exactly what this lovely community needed after such a long time. I spent weeks preparing for this five hour event, and couldn't be happier with the results. After all, I was now armed with a whole website.
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Having an online presence (not just social media, but a working e-commerce store) enabled me to, instead of bringing every piece of inventory to set up and break down, simply display a sample of several key items and then direct customers online to place an order. I did bring some inventory to sell on the spot however, mainly anything rainbow themed (like this set of originals created specifically for Pride, called "Wave of Color: Side A & B" and their assorted sized framed prints), but also the popular Dripping Color tee, and a sample of skate decks. I also had debuted a small selection of embroidered masks, hand embellished with a subtle rainbow stitch.
My assistant and model for the day was my handsome friend Russel here, sporting the latest addition to the apparel line and the first of the new Color Therapy Collection. He probably could have used the small men's tank, but I think people appreciated how snug the extra-small fit his plastic abs. He was such a good sport, wearing his mask properly all day and selling a ton of tank tops. We enjoyed a few selfies together before I had to return him to his home, atop the lockers inside the Flamingo Clay Studio on J Street. For an exhausting three weeks of prep, what a fun day this was! I slept for like a million hours afterward.
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