Palm Beach Pride | 2022
March 26, 2022
What was possibly my biggest show to date, was made even bigger by the opportunity to participate in the 30th Annual Palm Beach Pride parade. Having purchased this truck not even two weeks prior, I went all out on handmade banners and signs to make the most out of the five block crawl through downtown Lake Worth Beach. One massive QR code per side paired with a horizontal rainbow banner sign featuring handcut letters spelling out Rajasaurusrex. Spare no expense, they say! The news crew narrating their livestream even pronounced it correctly on the FIRST TRY! And with the skate decks stacked on the back, they accurately guessed my brand to be a skate shop. All in all, I’d say my efforts were a success!
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The main event held in the Bryant Park a little ways down the street was blessed with some of the most gorgeous weather I’ve ever seen in South Florida around this time of year. It’s the reason I’m a Florida native and will likely never leave. The drag performers were on point, the music was fierce and inspiring, and every minute there made my entire two weeks of prep wholesomely worth it. I even saw some old friends and met plenty of new ones!
Saturday and Sunday in the park were two of my most successful sale days yet. I thought the Boynton Pirate Fest was pretty rewarding, but the customer turnout this time put October’s sales to shame. Now let’s see if I can beat my Pride sales this coming Halloween!
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