Rosemary Square, West Palm Beach FL
Locally Sourced Makers Market | 2021
November 13, 2021
Early holiday popup in the middle of Cityplace, now known as Rosemary Square, featuring local artists and makers of the community. With my booth located just next to Rohi's Readery, my skatedeck rack was swarmed with kids all afternoon and evening.
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This layout was intended to highligh all my latest ceramic work from the past month not yet available online. Keychains seemed to draw the most attention from shoppers, with pendants following close behind. Small light gifts (and ready-built skateboards) are growing a trend around immediate usage or wearability, opting out of having to carry around more packaging before getting to enjoy a purchase.
Setup and breakdown was made extremely difficult due to the valet boys of Rosemary Square. Getting aggressive over ten minutes of precious parking to load and unload is not cute. I mean, I get that they work hard but, so do I. And they were informed of the event well ahead of time so, sorry not sorry.
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