The Social House, Lucerne Ave. | Downtown Lake Worth, FL
Holiday Night Market | 2019
December 14, 2019
The Holiday Night Market at The Social House in downtown Lake Worth took place in the cozy patio space behind the building.
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For a four hour event, I probably took the most time to setup than any event thus far. I had just ordered new sidewalls, displays, and fresh signage. This was also my tent's first time sporting the black canopy! Finally my vision was starting to come together.
Arriving early in the morning, I spent nearly all day with as much space as I needed to lay things out, build displays, and test concept layouts. I don't have this kind of physical brainstorming space normally, and I would feel silly setting up on my driveway only to tear it all down by dinner. At least with the event starting later that evening, this presented a perfect opportunity to both test-run ideas and make some new friends. With my friends surprising me yet again with helpfully spaced visits, I got to meet several of the other talented vendors and small business owners before the event came to a close.
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