J Street | Downtown Lake Worth, FL
Artoberfest Block Party | 2018
October 20, 2018
Arts festival organized by Propaganda in downtown Lake Worth featuring local artists, performers and small businesses. With this as my first big event, armed with a summer's worth of pottery and plenty of artwork to make products from, I took this as an opportunity to debut my brand and start promoting my art.
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I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to challenge myself with this as my first full weekend event. Armed with my camping tent, my friend's tent weights, some dirty sidewalls and an odd grouping of folding tables, I figured I'd be set as far as structures were concerned. Throw on some tablecloths and arrange the items, I thought. I brought maybe a handful of t-shirts, some pottery, sketchbooks and an assortment of stickers. Two days later I am going home exhausted with a flurry of new ideas, checklists, and many lessons learned.
It was a rather exciting two days to say the least. I was visited by some old faces and met so many new ones! But I certainly couldn't have done it by myself. My friends came to hang out, hold down the fort, make sales, bring food and water, and answer questions about my work while I was busy answering questions myself. Their help even enabled me to check out other vendors' booths for some insight and inspiration.
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