Subculture Coffee Co., Clematis | West Palm Beach, FL
Artist Alley
This (pre-pandemic) monthly event, hosted by a wonderful little coffee shop on Clematis in downtown West Palm Beach, attracts local shoppers and diners to browse the artist and vendor-filled alley for unique gifts and handmade wares. A different musical guest is featured each event, setting the atmosphere and tone for the evening.
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Small recurring events like this provide a unique opportunity to focus on the essentials. Not only in terms of product, but in equipment too. Making the most of a five-foot square space is a challenge when choosing a pleasing arrangement of product, versus a healthy balance of signage.
As my setup process developed over the course of several early shows, I eventually invested in a mini-tent. This tent both enabled me to keep my product safe and dry in the event of rain (which is very frequent), but also provided the height I needed to display items across a three-dimensional space instead of just a flat surface. The result was a much more dynamic presentation of brand message hierarchy, from attracting viewers' gaze across the courtyard, to intensifying curiosity through details revealed upon closer approach.
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