decal application

Wet Method

Clean the application area thoroughly with a 2-to-1 mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol, adding a few drops of liquid dish soap. Be sure the area is free of debris, lint, dirt and oils, then soak the area again with the mixture. This process helps in placing the decal and to remove trapped air bubbles.

Carefully peel away the liner paper on the back of the decal to expose the adhesive, making sure the design stays in place on the transfer paper.

Spray the mixture onto the adhesive side of your decal and gently guide it into place on your clean application surface, holding the corners of the transfer tape to avoid touching the design. Step back and adjust placement if necessary, then use a straight edge (like a credit card) to squeegee out any excess moisture, working your way from the center of the decal to the outer edges. Wipe dry with a lint free cloth.

When dry, remove the transfer tape starting from one corner, at a sharp angle in the direction you are peeling. Go slow so you can watch for any lifting corners or edges as you peel. If you notice any areas starting to pull up, lay the transfer tape back down and run your straight edge over those spots a couple more times before continuing to peel.

Note: It’s not required to use the wet application method but it does help to decrease air bubbles and allow you to make minor adjustments to the placement location.
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